“Right to a roof”: the Brussels movement to combat homelessness calls on everyone in Brussels to show solidarity!

DoucheFLUX is one of 80 organisations active in the fight against homelessness in Brussels who are putting pressure on the authorities to adopt a more effective policy which focuses more on preventing homelessness and less on dealing with the consequences. This unprecedented mobilisation is a consequence of the current crisis: quite apart from the Samusocial scandal, the figures speak for themselves – between 2016 and 2018, the number of homeless or inappropriately housed people in Brussels has almost doubled!

Unable to ignore this historic mobilisation, the authorities are apparently willing to at least consider changing tack, but we must keep up the pressure and make sure that they act on all our recommendations.

We therefore call on everyone who is concerned about the fate of the homeless and destitute to:

  • sign the call for a better policy to deal with homelessness in French or Dutch
  • take a photo of yourself, alone or with a group, with a symbolic roof over your head, and post it on social media with the hashtag #droitauntoit or #rechtopeendak

More information about this campaign, including the demonstration held on 18 September and the absurd football match which took place on 17 October, can be found on the “Right to a roof” website.

Please forward this appeal to all your contacts!

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