Support DoucheFLUX during De Warmste Week on Studio Brussel!

De Warmste Week on Studio Brussel is the last week before Christmas. It’s a great opportunity to support DoucheFLUX!

Regina Caeli in Dilbeek and Balder primary school in Saint-Gilles/Sint-Gillis have already organised warm actions in favour of DoucheFLUX! Many thanks!

As part of their activity, the children from the 3rd to 6th years of Balder primary school visited DoucheFLUX to see it in action and to discover what it means to be living on the street. They were given a guided tour, listened to first-hand accounts of life on the street, and played Outside!.

Do you like music? If so, you can ask Studio Brussel to play a song for you this week in favour of DoucheFLUX. Just go to the De Warmste Week website, choose DoucheFLUX as your charity and say how much you want to give!

You can find more information about the various activities taking place during De Warmste Week here.

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