About us

Founded in 2011, DoucheFLUX is a not-for-profit association* which aims to facilitate the reintegration of destitute people into society, whether or not they are homeless, whether or not their papers are in order, wherever they are from, by helping them to access services, take part in activities,  and/or join the team of volunteers.
DoucheFLUX seeks to restore people’s energy, dignity and self-esteem, so that they can start rebuilding their lives. By escaping homelessness. Or avoiding a return to homelessness.
DoucheFLUX encourages social and cultural mixing, both in its teams and in its partnerships. Its projects are based on co-construction and bringing out the best in everyone. It is a private initiative which ultimately aims to become a public-private partnership.

Elina Dumont and Philippe Geluck are DoucheFLUX patrons.

The first activities – magazine and radio – started in 2012 and others followed in the following years.
In March 2017, DoucheFLUX passed an important milestone with the opening of its new building near the South station in Anderlecht. Following nearly a year of renovation work, there are now 20 showers, a launderette, 230 lockers – and an array of other services which are complementary and no less important – for destitute people in a stimulating and pleasant environment, encouraging social interaction and mutual respect.

* statutes of the ASBL / vzw


Investors purchase building

          CEPERIVE SA VZ/NV SO        


Support for the renovation and equipment of the building




With the support of VINCI Funds, managed by King Baudouin Funds


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