Birthday party

There are many celebrations that punctuate the 365 days of the year: religious, national and regional holidays, neighbourhood parties and festivals. In addition to all this, comes an event that is much more individual, but that we often want to share with friends, family and those in our wider circle: our birthday!

When you live on the street, isolated from those you know and are close to you, solitude can be painful. And this hits harder on birthdays.

Feedtruck comes to many associations active in the fight against poverty – including DoucheFLUX – with a solution to this problem. Starting from a triple observation – 1. food waste, 2. lack of balanced diet amongst the homeless / those living in precarious circumstances, 3. lack of social network amongst homeless people, making life only about survival – Feedtruck launched birthday parties for people living in precarious circumstances, by cooking delicious meals from unsold food items.

Once a month, Feedtruck heads off in its van with its team of volunteers, cooking virtuosos and a singer, musician, magician… to prepare a real birthday party for those born that month.


  • Temporarily suspended
  • The last Saturday of every month for people born in that month, from 12.00 to 14.30. The person can invite one friend and choose an activity: film, karaoke, cooking, photography, board games, arts and crafts, make-up… or another idea.
  • Advance registration required by sending an email to Serena Alba.
  • Charge: free