Street party

What started out in 2017 as a flea market has turned into a street party with a flea market, thanks especially to the involvement of a neighbour of DoucheFLUX. Scheduled to be held on Whit Monday this year, the street party aims to bring people in the neighborhood – residents, traders, organisations of all sorts –closer together, so that they get to know each other, become happily involved and invest in a left-behind neighborhood marked by a huge socio-economic gap, and to help local people reclaim the streets they live in day-to-day.


Flea market, breakfast with neighbours, musical performances and concerts, snacks, yoga, storytelling and many other surprises for children and adults!


On 1 June 2020 (Whit Monday) from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. (to be confirmed)


For stallholders :
–       stall hire fee (3x2m pitch) : €15
–       free parking nearby
–       for more information and registration, please send us an email: