DoucheFLUX Guided visits in Cureghem

Cureghem is known for being one of the most cosmopolitan areas of Brussels, with more than 100 different nationalities living on a surface area of 2 km2. It is the hub of Brussels, hosting the largest second-hand car market in Europe. It is also a place of spiritual confluence where different faiths meet, with a synagogue, a Shiite mosque, a Buddhist temple, evangelical churches, and more. It is in Cureghem, near the border with Saint-Gilles, that DoucheFLUX is located.

AlterBrussels trained some regular DoucheFLUX users to act as tour guides. They show visitors round their DoucheFLUX and present the Cureghem district from the unique perspective of their personal experience.


  • Visit duration: approximately 2h
  • Group visit rate: €125 or the equivalent amount in the form of our shower vouchers (douche solidaire)
  • More information and reservation at AlterBrussels
  • Please wear comfortable shoes and keep your eyes and ears wide open…


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