Outreach Stop

Outreach Stop is a new project located in Le Triposta at Brussels' South Station (Gare du Midi/Zuidstation). Since 2019, and under the impetus of the Saint-Gilles MIDI / SOUTH / ZUID neighbourhood committee, the Tripostal has been temporarily occupied by the ASBL Communa in collaboration with several associations. Empty for too long, this almost mythical building is finally opening up to the neighbourhood for new cultural and social experiences.

The Halte Maraude project is driven by DoucheFLUX and involves close collaboration with the Educateurs de rue de Saint-Gilles/Straathoekwerkers van Sint Gillis (the street educators of Saint-Gilles), the Samusocial (humanitarian emergency service), the Infirmiers de Rue/Straatverplegers (street nurses), and Job Dignity. The objective is to develop a space that is somewhere "between the outside and the inside", between the street and associations, where the various outreach teams can come discreetly with the people they meet on the street. Job Dignity will organise the distribution of clothing, hygiene kits and other items as required, on an appointment basis. Above all, the Halte Maraude is intended as a place of rest and a place where social ties and bonds of trust are re-established. It also serves as an extension of the work being done in the street.

Practical information

  • opening planned for end-July 2020
  • Le Tri Postal, Avenue Fonsnylaan, 1060 Brussels

Thank you to all the volunteers and to Tournevie for setting up the Halte Maraude!

© Marjolaine Abaléa