is a website and an app in several languages that helps homeless and destitute people find the information they need intuitively in a few clicks. Where can they go to eat, sleep, drink, wash their clothes, go to the toilet, take a shower, find a bed for the night, obtain legal advice or administrative assistance, manage their debts, take part in sports activities and cultural outings… All the centres that offer these services and activities are listed on the platform, which is intended for homeless people, but also for social workers and anybody who wants to provide accurate information.

DoucheFLUX initiated the project in 2015 with the help of a few volunteers. It took off thanks to a Brussels Smart City grant. Today, has become autonomous thanks to the ‘Surviving Community’, which brings together dozens of associations, including DoucheFLUX, and which is now in charge of the project.

Practical information

  • Acces to is available in the Cyber Café located in the DoucheFLUX foyer, which is also equipped with free WIFI. The staff at the entrance desk or the social workers can also help to find the requested information.
  • More information about the project here.