Make a donation in kind

  • Men's clothing (women's clothing not needed!), including socks, underwear (boxers), T-shirts (not polo shirts), joggers / sport pants, hoodies... either new or in very good condition
  • perfume, eau de toilette, moisturising cream, etc., in small containers
  • toothbrushes, and toothpaste in small containers
  • shower gel and liquid soap in large packs
  • big, new bars of soap
  • shampoo
  • small packs of wet wipes
  • bath towels
  • razors and shaving gel/cream
  • sports shoes (new or in very good condition)
  • books (e.g. novels) in French, English, Dutch, Arabic, Polish... for the mobile library Street & Read
  • Dactarin spray

If you have any other items to donate, we suggest that you give them to Solidarité Grands Froids (rue du Danemark/Denemarkenstraat 74, 1060 Brussels), which redistributes them to the associations which need these items.

This page is updated regularly according to our needs, so please come back!