Film Debate #41 – Closed centres in Belgium: a place for children?

Film: Illegal by Olivier Masset (2010)

This spring we have chosen a Belgian film which brutally reflects reality, Illegal
(Watch the trailer).

‘Tania and her 14-year old son Ivan are Russians who have been living illegally in Belgium for eight years. Constantly on the alert, Tania is always afraid of police checks. One day she gets arrested. Mother and son are separated. Tania is placed in a detention centre. She will do anything to find her son, but cannot overcome the threat of being expelled from the country.’

Debate: What is it like for children being held in detention closed centres in Belgium?

Wednesday 10 April 2019 at 9.30, at Entraide de Saint-Gilles/Wederzijds Hulpbetoon van Sint-Gillis, rue de l’Eglise/Kerkstraat 59, 1060 Brussels

Free entrance

For more information, contact: Serena at DoucheFLUX or Koffi at Entraide de Saint-Gilles/Wederzijds Hulpbetoon Sint-Gillis