DoucheFLUX wants to combat the exclusion of those living in precarious circumstances, whether they are homeless or living in poor housing, documented or otherwise, wherever they come from. At the heart of its mission is the human being and his dignity. DoucheFLUX offers basic yet essential services, organises

activities and awareness-activities  to deconstruct stereotypes around extreme poverty and spread the message that homelessness is a problem that can be solved. In response to the coronavirus pandemic, DoucheFLUX also opened transit accommodation for homeless women.

What we do





Needed: a volunteer physiotherapist

Needed: a volunteer physiotherapist

The KineFLUX project was started by Handicap International with the aim of improving the living conditions of refugees with disabilities. It was soon extended to all destitute people. DoucheFLUX took over the programme in October 2020. This means that the target group has been enlarged to include all destitute people who cannot access this type of ...

Transit accommodation

Since April 2020, and in response to the coronavirus pandemic, DoucheFLUX has expanded its activities to include transit accommodation. This is an original project, rich in experiences and one that certainly opens up new possibilities. Around twenty five persons, mostly women, are housed in accommodation such as hostels or hotels, and benefit from social assistance and a series of cultural, sporting, well-being and entertainment activities, as well as quality meals.