Mission & values

Our mission
DoucheFLUX works towards ending homelessness and offers personalised support to people with or without papers, with or without a home, from here or elsewhere, to help them exercise their fundamental rights.

Our vision
Working towards an end to homelessness, and fighting the idea that it is inevitable.

Our values

  • Autonomy – Working together on each person’s autonomy, recognising their capacity to decide for themselves. Providing personalised support to facilitate individual emancipation.
  • Transparency – DoucheFLUX promotes trust and mutual commitment by making its working methods transparent to its teams, to the people it serves, and to its partners, spelling out commitments and obligations, explaining the reasoning behind every decision, and defining each person’s role and responsibility.
  • Unconditionality – DoucheFLUX’s door is open to everyone, with or without papers, from here or elsewhere, with or without an appointment, with or without an explicit request. Promoting unconditionality means listening, showing empathy and tolerance, refraining from making hasty judgments or providing instant solutions, accepting that you don’t understand and questioning your own ideas.
  • Cooperation – Mobilising resources, skills and expertise, building relationships, seizing opportunities and creating synergies, both with our partners and in supporting our beneficiaries, in a spirit of trust and mutual respect.
  • Pugnacity – Having faith in your social/societal intuitions, your sensitive perceptions and your political choices. Acting with endurance and tenacity, even if this sometimes means demanding the “impossible”, which is just the “possible” which is (temporarily) out of fashion.
  • Agility – Cultivating the capacity to adapt to change. Refusing to get bogged down in fixed ideas and practices. Ensuring strategic, operational and human continuity.