Mission & values

Homelessness isn’t just about filling your stomach and finding a place to sleep. Destitute people are human beings just like everyone else: it is important for them to have self-esteem and to set themselves goals. A poor self-image makes (re)integation that much more difficult. This is the inspiration for the services provided by DoucheFLUX.

Our mission: DoucheFLUX fights for the end of homelessness and offers tailor-made support to people with or without papers, with or without a home, from here or elsewhere, to facilitate access to their fundamental rights.

Our values:

  • Autonomy – Give everyone the right to choose their own path, to mobilise resources, both within themselves and around them, to move forward with the greatest possible degree of freedom. Autonomy is less a goal to be achieved than a path to follow.
  • Cooperation – Pool resources, skills and energy, create synergies, build bridges and open up possibilities for cooperation, in a spirit of solidarity and mutual respect. Each achievement is the result of meaningful and stimulating codetermination.
  • Diversity – Break down barriers between social groups, merge networks, enable people and associations belonging to different social classes and with different backgrounds and perspectives to meet. This melting pot of social groups, service providers and partners can become the driving force for individual emancipation and revival.
  • Respect – Pay more attention to listening, empathy and tolerance; avoid judging people and seeking to diagnose their problems for them; accept the fact that you can’t always understand, and question your own assumptions; try to see things from the other person’s point of view. Lack of respect for a destitute person reproduces the violence of the prevailing system at an interpersonal level.
  • Transparency – Clarify the way the association operates and the place and role of everyone involved; encourage different service providers to work together and to explain the reasons for their decisions; clearly define commitments and responsibilities. A lack of transparency always leads to frustration and suspicion.
  • Combativeness – Preferring constructive consensus to sterile confrontation does not mean abandoning pugnacity, the power of words and defence of your convictions. Militant action has its place in social work.