What we do

DoucheFLUX wants to help homeless people regain their dignity, starting with reclaiming their own bodies. Washing ourselves and wearing clean clothes improves the images others have of us, as well as the image we have of ourselves. But it’s more than that: washing is also a symbolic act, a ritual that gives new energy and vigour to push forward and take on new challenges.

Showers are certainly DoucheFLUX’s flagship offering and provide us with our core brand image. However, taking a shower means much more than just having the opportunity to wash: reclaiming social and medical rights, finding out about residency rights, getting help with administrative tasks. But it’s also about breaking free and forging a place in society thanks to activities and/or training that bring enjoyment, reinforce autonomy and dignity, and offer a platform to those who are regularly denied a voice.

Finally, DoucheFLUX wants to go even further by developing a militant and committed ‘Advocacy and awareness’ hub. The goal being to raise awareness about the problem of extreme poverty and explain DoucheFLUX’s work to all kinds of audiences: schools, general public, neighbours, associations etc.

In the current context of the coronavirus pandemic, DoucheFLUX works in conjunction with JES Sleep Inn, Les Gastrosophes, Diogenes and L'Îlot for the “Solidarity Hotel” project, in order to provide accommodation to several people during their confinement in total safety, while offering them social support in the best conditions, as well as cultural and sportive activities, entertainment and quality meals.