Programme 37 – The “No homeless people in Brussels by 2025!” project

Broadcast on Radio Panik on Monday 4 April 2015 at 13.00.

This was a special edition of La Voix de la Rue: a discussion about the super (as yet unofficial) project “No homeless people in Brussels by 2025” supported by Infirmiers de Rue and La Ligue des Optimistes (read the description – PDF file. A rather odd discussion where the project is exposed to the questions and comments of those most directly concerned: (formerly) homeless people themselves.

All the participants brought their own questions to the table: Stéfane and Pierre questioned the notions of rehabilitation and housing support which are central elements of the project. Murielle was more interested in the current Infirmiers de Rue project, while Maurice wondered whether the project was really feasible as “there wil always be homeless people”. Éric spoke enthusiastically about his experience with Infirmiers de Rue. Jacques wondered about the future for this kind of activity if homelessness were to be eradicated from Brussels. In reply, Laurent, who presented the programme, spoke about how DoucheFLUX would change once homelessness was a thing of the past, and raised the issue of partnership between this kind of activity and Infirmiers de Rue.

Speaking for the project’s backers, Didier van Innis, of the Ligue des Optimistes, answered all these questions while explaining the background and ambitions of the “No homeless people in Brussels by 2025” project and his personal commitment to it.

A convivial, but still quite serious, conversation, which also introduced a new idea to DoucheFLUX: birthday parties for the homeless. Enjoy listening to the programme.

Music: Have you ever been to electric lady land, Jimi Hendrix

The following toook part in the programme: Stéfane Duval, Pierre De Ruette, Éric Ransart, Maurice Cornet, Jacques Petit, Murielle, Didier van Innis, Laurent d’Ursel, Lola Sonveau.

Preparation and editing: Lola Sonveau, Anthony Forrat and Maelle Desmet.


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