Programme 57 – Gastronomy and solidarity

Broadcast on Radio Panik on Monday 23 April 2018 at 13.00 and Saturday 19 May 2018 at 8.30.

Getting adequate nourishment when you are living in the street or when your situation means that you no longer have access to basic supplies, is essential, because a healthy and balanced diet is a pre-requisite for good health.

Today, we welcome associations whose initiatives let those living in precarious circumstances enjoy a good meal in pleasant surroundings.

Food packages, social restaurants, gastronomic meals … thanks to these associations and their volunteers, many people can eat well and, over the course of a shared meal, enjoy kindness and humanity, being looked after and being listened to.

Guests: Sabine from the Restaurants du Coeur, Yohan from Povorello, Jean-Benoît from La Porte Verte/Snijboontje, Louise from Les Gastrosophes, Yvo, Serge Weyckmans & Serge van Rompay, members of DoucheFlux’s radio team

Interviews : Mathilde from Corvia ASBL et le Collectif No Javel

Musiques : The Pioneers, Starvation – Miharu Koshi, Capricious Salad


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