Where can you keep your things when you don’t have a roof over your head and are constantly on the move? How do you avoid getting stuck with the ‘homeless’ label because you always have a trolley or big bags with all your belongings? Not easy when you’re looking for a place to live or for a job! But how else can you look after your personal items, documents, items of value?

To address this problem, DoucheFLUX provides 230 different-sized lockers where you can keep personal items.

Practical information

  • To rent a new locker (according to the availability of empty lockers): come to the reception on Tuesday or Friday between 14.00 and 15.00.
  • To extend an existing rental or to access a locker you have rented: come to the reception during general opening hours
  • Please note that on Wednesday DoucheFLUX is open exclusively to women!
  • tariff:
    - €1, €1.50, €2 per week, depending on the size of the locker
    - €4 for a lost or broken locker key (you can ask DoucheFLUX to look after the key for you)