Very urgent appeal!!!

Since 10 April, DoucheFLUX has made it possible for homeless people, notably women, to confine themselves in a safe and pleasant location, the JES Sleep Inn hostel in Molenbeek. This successful collaboration is unfortunately coming to an end on 31 August due to lack of availability.

We are therefore looking for a new solution for four months, to allow these vulnerable individuals to continue their confinement in a suitable space, and to avoid them having to return to the street at a time when we are seeing an increase in Covid-19 cases.

Concretely, we are looking for:

  • a hotel, hostel, or other space with separate bedrooms
  • capacity for between 12 to 20 people
  • if possible, a location that includes a shared space for activities
  • compensation for the accommodation is handled by the COCOM once a convention has been signed
  • 4 months: from September to December 2020
  • 24-hour supervision: 1 coordinateur (1 full-time equivalent), 2 educators/night watch-people (2 full-time equivalents), 1 social worker (1/2 full-time equivalent) and a team of volunteers
  • healthy meals provided by Les Gastrosophes

Please share this appeal with your contacts!

If you have a suitable space, or want more detailed information, please contact Benjamin Brooke par mail or by telephone on +32 (0)471 22 96 43.

Click here for more about our Covid-19 accommodation project.

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