Film Debate #46 – Exile. How do we cope with loneliness and difference (in the country of arrival)?

L’Entraide de Saint-Gilles/Wederzijds Hulpbetoon Sint-Gillis and DoucheFLUX cordially invite you to the November edition of their Film-Debate project. The idea is simple: a good movie, some croissants and coffee, and a lively debate to top it off.

Film : Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi (2007)
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Tehran 1978: Eight-year old Marjane is thinking about the future and dreaming of being a prophet who can save the world. Lovingly raised by modern and cultured parents and particularly close to her grandmother, she excitedly follows the events that will lead to the Islamic Revolution and result in the fall of the Shah’s regime. Next comes the establishment of the Islamic Republic and its Revolutionary Guards, then the war against Iraq with its bombings and hardships …

In increasingly difficult conditions, her outspokenness and rebellious nature start to cause problems and her parents decide to send her to Austria for her own protection.

In Vienna, Marjane experiences her second revolution at the age of fourteen: adolescence, freedom, the highs and lows of love, but also exile, loneliness and being different.

Adaptation of the eponymous comic, that tells the the true story of the author, Marjane Satrapi.

Wednesday 13 November 2019 at 09.30 at the Entraide de Saint-Gilles/Wederzijds Hulpbetoon van Sint-Gillis, rue de l’Eglise Saint-Gilles/Sint-Gilliskerkstraat 59, 1060 Brussels

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