Scoop #7 – Is the police with us… or against us?


  • Police officers from the Herscham police unit, set up in 2003 to help homeless people in Brussels City and Ixelles in a “humane, respectful and empowering” way, in close cooperation with associations that fight against homelessness;
  • Representatives of the Human Rights League who support victims of police violence and are familiar with the legal framework for the work of the law enforcement agencies.


  • Answer the question: what is permitted, tolerated and prohibited for a homeless person?
  • Answer the question: what is permitted, tolerated and prohibited for a police officer?
  • Answer the question: what should you do if you have a problem with the police?
  • Any other questions relating to the homeless and the police
  • Present the work of the Herscham police unit: its specificity, working procedures and mission.

Preparing for the meeting

To make the meeting more productive, the Herscham police unit and the Human Rights League would like to receive as many questions/comments/suggestions as possible about the relationship between homeless people and the police before DoucheFLUX Scoop on 17 September. Please send you contributions to Serena Alba by email or fill in this form.

Tuesday 17 September 2019, 12.00 – 14.00.

At DoucheFLUX, rue des Vétérinaires 84 Veeartsenstraat, 1070 Brussels

A sandwich will be provided to everyone who has informed Serena Alba the day before the event that they will be attending.