Make a donation in kind

  • sleeping bags
  • only for men (S, M, L): socks, underwear (boxers), trousers (jeans, joggers...), T-shirts, sweaters and jackets
  • belts for men
  • perfume, eau de toilette, moisturising cream, etc., in small containers
  • toothbrushes, and toothpaste in small containers!
  • shower gel and liquid soap in large packs
  • shampoo
  • deodorant
  • small packs of wet wipes
  • razors and shaving gel/cream!
  • sports shoes (new or in very good condition)
  • Dactarin spray
  • spectacle frames (see also Solidarity Glasses)

If you have other items than listed above to donate, we suggest that you give them to Solidarité Grands Froids (rue du Danemark/Denemarkenstraat 74, 1060 Brussels), which redistributes them to other social organizations.

If you have furniture to donate, we suggest you send an email with a picture of each piece of furniture to L'Ilot/'t Eilandje. They help people who have been rehoused by their services to furnish their new home.

This page is updated regularly according to our needs, so please come back!

For any other question about donations in kind, please contact Vanessa Fusco by e-mail.