Free services during the confinement period

Since the start of the confinement, DoucheFLUX has remained open to offer a minimal service, including showers, lockers and social services. Thanks to our collaboration with Medikuregem, a nurse provides basic care three days a week (2 hours/day). The outreach work also continues three times a week.

In addition, at DoucheFLUX and during the outreach work, lunches (prepared by Les Gastrosophes) and water are distributed every day.

We quickly noticed that many people who come to use our services can no longer pay the very small fees asked for our services. For this reason, and to make our services even more accessible to the greatest number of people during this difficult period, we want to offer them free of charge.

To support us in this, you can make a donation:

  • BE80 3630 2531 1077
  • communication « COVID-19 SUPPORT ».

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