is coming soon! We need YOU to send us your reactions, suggestions, and comments.

We have just installed the beta version of the website, which aims to help destitute people in Brussels, whether or not their papers are in order, to find their way through the maze of services on offer in just 4 clicks. The site has 19 tabs corresponding to the things that the destitute people we talked to told us that they need. The twin aims are to make it easier to access the services available and, by surfing on the site, to discover services which you didn’t even know existed, or which you didn’t think you could benefit from.

The site is open-source (so, for example, other cities can copy it and adapt it to their own needs); its data are open data; it includes maps and an advanced search function; it aims to be ergonomic and user-friendly; and it will be multilingual and work in real time.

The site is also an app.

It is hoped that this tool will greatly facilitate the work of social workers and the work of each association, each public consultation, each existing or future collaborative platform, with or without maps.

Participation and cooperation are at the heart of the project, and its success, the reliability of the information it provides and future improvements all depend on them.

The website was developed by La Strada, which has a partnership agreement with the project.

Reactions, suggestions and comments are welcome! To obtain a login and password for the beta version of, send an email to

A round table to discuss the website will be held on Friday 2 March from 12.00 to 14.00 at DoucheFLUX. (Sandwiches will be provided for those who register in advance:

But you can already send us your reactions ( or report errors or bugs (

Translating this website into as many languages as possible will not be easy. Those working in the welfare field are probably best placed to do so. If you are perfectly fluent in a language other than French and Dutch and are willing to help with the translation effort, please let us know ( Thanks in advance for your help.


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