A “homelessness certificate”

Homeless people are already particularly vulnerable to the risks associated with Covid-19. Recent government measures to limit the spread of Covid-19 risk further excluding this group of people.

As homeless shelters are full to capacity, many homeless people are forced to stay on the streets. They are thus unable to comply with certain measures, including the curfew introduced in response to the health crisis.

Eight organizations have decided to take the initiative to protect this vulnerable group. Starting this Monday, “homelessness certificates” will be distributed to people living on the street by field workers, outreach teams, street social workers, hospital emergency services, etc.

In these extremely difficult times, supporting homeless people who are already struggling to cope is no longer an option, but a collective responsibility of the authorities, of society and of all its players.

We thank the municipal authorities and all the police services for showing solidarity in support of people whose only housing solutions are the street and public places.

Diogènes, DoucheFLUX, Droit à un toit/Recht op een dak, Infirmiers de rue/Straatverplegers, Médecins du Monde/Dokters van de Wereld, Médecins Sans Frontières/Artsen zonder grenzen, BxlRefugees, Samusocial, Syndicat des Immenses.

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