L’immensothèque, the documentation centre on poverty of DoucheFLUX

With the aim of creating a specialised documentation centre on the themes of poverty, homelessness, migration and related topics, the DoucheFLUX library has been gradually built up. The library was inaugurated on 21 September 2018, in the presence of its two patrons: Christine Mahy, General Secretary of the Walloon Network for the Fight against Poverty and honorary doctor at the University of Liège; and Nicolas Bernard, Professor of Law at the University of Saint-Louis and an expert on housing in Brussels.

The available resources include conference proceedings, institutional reports, manuals for professionals, as well as newspapers and magazines, digital records, and audio and video recordings. The library also has around 650 books for loan, including non-fiction, essays and literature.

Aimed as much at students, researchers, schools of social studies and social workers, as at those who are simply interested in the subject, the DoucheFLUX library is not so much a library for those living in precarious circumstances, but rather a documentation centre specialised in all aspects of poverty and precarity. It is currently the only such centre in Brussels.

DoucheFLUX hopes to develop this project by forming a network with other documentation centres with which it can cooperate and exchange information and resources. Partnerships are established with other networks, notably the Webdoctes network, which brings together RESOdoc, the documentation centre of the university health promotion service at the Institute of Health and Society, Université catholoque de Louvain (UCL/IRSS-RESO), Culture&Santé, Nadja, Parthages and DoucheFLUX.

The aim is to pool the documentary work and communication efforts of the participating documentation centres. The DOCTES online catalogue brings together more than 70,000 documentary, professional, scientific and general resources related to health promotion and health education, as well as various sectors of social action.

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  • Opening hours: Tuesdays from 14.00 to 16.00 and on appointment
  • Borrowing: max 3 books/2 weeks. Most books can be borrowed. Periodicals and other documents such as reports on activities, forums and conferences, brochures and press articles can be consulted on-site.
  • Tariff: deposit of €25 (refunded upon return of the books).
  • Anyone can suggest works to be added to the library.
  • For more information, please contact Kristel Dupont by sending an e-mail or by calling 0497 20 23 80.


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