DoucheFLUX Magazine seeks to raise public awareness about poverty. It’s not a hotchpotch of sob stories and random news items, it provides real insight into a largely unknown world.

Co-written by destitute people, DoucheFLUX Magazine has a print run of nearly 2,000 copies and is distributed throughout the Brussels-Capital Region by homeless people themselves. They pay €0.50 per copy and sell them on for €2, quite legally. For many of the magazine vendors, this is one of their main sources of income.


  • Would you like to contribute to DoucheFLUX Magazine? Join the magazine team meetings, every Wednesday from 10.00 to 13.00 at DoucheFLUX.
  • Would you like to sell the magazine? The pick-up time for sellers is every Tuesday from 14.00 to 16.00.
  • Would you like to buy/read the DoucheFLUX Magazine? The latest issue is available on the streets for only €2! Previous issues can be downloaded below.
  • Contact us for more information.

Watch below the BRUZZ coverage on the occasion of Brussel Helpt 2019:

Latest issue

DoucheFLUX Magazine nr35 – Summer/Autumn 2021


This is the last issue of our first 10 years. We will continue for the next 10 years to have the immense pleasure of being part of this editorial team. It is therefore time to make a small assessment.

364 articles were published – 64 authors – 460 fixed meetings + all the appointments taken to help those who did not want to or could not move. Testimonies collected by sms, email, WhatsApp, audio files, pieces of calligraphy, dictations, others. Great encounters, strong emotions, tears of joy at the sight of an article finally appearing on paper.

Hours in search of the right words, laughter, complicity, joy. Kilos of sandwiches, liters of coffee, cookies and other delights brought by our authors (thank you Mohammed and the others). Some “coups de gueule” too, no need to lie!

Sharing, listening, patience are also part of this beautiful adventure. These are unique and precious moments. The loyalty of some authors and volunteers, even if the moments were sometimes short, united us, welded us without any doubt.

The first issue included 4 pages! We are at 20 today, which proves that the precarious have a lot to say. They are creative to whisper, shout, denounce, claim, draw, paint, photograph, sing and have hearts as big as you and me, if not bigger.

Since 2015 I have been in charge of this magazine. There was only one issue that came out while I was in the southern hemisphere. Charlotte Zwemmer and Nicolas Ginocchio have done a wonderful job! Thanks again.

Then there was the intern, then a volunteer before becoming the faithful French-speaking proofreader, the sharp eye, the pro of the pros who doesn’t let anything slip by, Léa Aubrit! For several years now she has returned to her beautiful country of Poitiers… And yet she is always present for each of the issues published.

I wanted to thank Erik, David, Mohammed, Malika, Dopartmine, Christophe, Patty, Enrico, Sven, Stéphane, Didier, Nicolas, Napoléon, Milou, Marie, Mario, Jacques, Patrice, Jamie Lee, Amoura, Alem, Anne, Catherine, Caroline, Dana, Carine, Laurent, the GIANTS* and all the others………… The list is long…

Aube Dierckx

*Giant = G.I.A.N.T. = Gifted Individual, Although Needy and Troubled

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