Rue de la Bascule: a new awareness-raising tool to combat homelessness

“Many homeless people have chosen to be homeless. Many homeless people are, in part at least, responsible for their situation. And society cannot take away their responsibility to the extent that it guarantees them, no matter what they do or have done, a home!
We often hear this kind of comment. The reality is actually much more complex.

After the success of ImmenCité, the board game that helps people understand the realities of surviving on the streets, a new initiative has been launched to raise public awareness of the causes of homelessness: Rue de la Bascule.

The result of a second collaboration between DoucheFLUX and Cultures & Santé, “Rue de la Bascule” is an awareness-raising tool that helps to better understand the diversity of life situations that can lead to homelessness, and the solutions to remedy them. Through cards and facilitator-led discussions, players can discover the causes of homelessness, classified into four main themes: structural (social assistance, immigration, housing, economy), institutional (public and support services), relational (sexual, marital and family violence, separation) and personal (mental health, illness, addictions, accidents and incidents).

Rue de la Bascule was designed to raise awareness among a wide audience: young people (from 14 years old), adults, and more specifically professionals and volunteers in the voluntary sector, social action and education.

“We are convinced that awareness-raising is the first step towards collective awareness and concrete action to fight against homelessness”, explains Marilou Galichet, from the tool’s development team. “With this tool, we hope that players will be able to better understand the causes that make everyone tip over one day and the challenges faced by homeless people”.

Rue de la Bascule is available for download on the Cultures & Santé website, and can be rented on request from its network of documentation centres.

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INVITATION: we invite you to discover the tool on Monday 17 April from 2pm to 5pm at DoucheFLUX, 84 rue des vétérinaires, 1070 Anderlecht (registration by email to
Press contact: Vanessa Fusco – 0471 55 91 03

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Après le succès d’ImmenCité, le jeu de société qui permet de comprendre les réalités de la (sur)vie en rue, une nouvelle initiative voit le jour pour sensibiliser le grand public aux causes qui font qu’une personne bascule un jour vers l’absence de chez-soi : Rue de la Bascule.

Fruit d’une seconde collaboration entre DoucheFLUX et Cultures & Santé, « Rue de la Bascule » est un outil de sensibilisation qui permet de mieux comprendre la diversité des situations de vie qui peuvent faire basculer dans la précarité, et les solutions pour y remédier. Grâce à des cartes et aux échanges cadrés par un animateur, les joueurs peuvent découvrir les causes de l’absence de chez-soi, classées en 4 grandes thématiques : les causes structurelles (aide sociale, immigration, logement,

“We have used the “Rue de la Bascule” game several times in our training and awareness-raising activities, and we particularly appreciate it. It’s a great way to open up the debate, raise awareness and raise consciousness. Thank you for your work.”

 – Nastasia Englebert, training officer at Diogenes. (crédit photo : Diogenes)

INVITATION: we invite you to discover the tool on Monday 17 April from 2pm to 5pm at DoucheFLUX, 84 rue des vétérinaires, 1070 Anderlecht (registration by email to

Press contact : Vanessa Fusco – 0471 55 91 03

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